Contemplative Prayer Stations

In a world of busyness, chaos, and countless opinions, sometimes we simply need to pause in order to hear God’s quiet, true voice. We long to enter an atmosphere of waiting rather than rushing and listening rather than accomplishing. Feel free to use the following Contemplative Prayer Stations in your personal life or church community to do just that. They were first used at a small church in downtown Canton.

  • Designed by Mandy Codispoti and Maureen Morton
  • Translated to Spanish by Carolina Lemus and Maureen Morton

Instructions/Instrucciones (English, Español) to accompany contemplative prayer stations.

Verses/Versos (English, Español) to accompany stations.

List of materials/Lista de materiales (English, Español) to accompany stations.

Disclaimer: The views I share on this site are mine and do not reflect those of co-authors, LoveCanton church, or its staff.

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