What does it mean to create?

“To produce through imaginative skill” (Merriam-Webster)

Professional Work
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Projects, research, and interests in mathematics, science, and education.

Faith & Life
Cover Designs by Maureen Morton

Writing and resources for faith and prayer in everyday life.

Art & Fiction
Colored Pencil and Acrylic by Maureen Morton

Artwork and fictional writing, purely for the joy of creating and sharing beautiful things.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful Statistics class

I never thought I’d ever say those words, but I was really impressed with how much I enjoyed the challenge and the new ideas you presented in our class.

—K. E., college student, North Canton, Ohio

Praise for Listening Prayer

This study was the catalyst of a beautiful season of intimacy with Jesus as I learned to hear Him for myself and for others.

—Josie Bixler, web designer, Louisville, Ohio

About a Listening Prayer exercise…

The love letter opened my eyes to another level of drawing close to God.

—Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr., Shiloh Baptist Church, Massillon, Ohio