Listening Prayer

Buy the book, Listening Prayer: Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and Others. (Paperback version recommended since it’s a workbook with space to write in!)

I love the creativity in this workbook, especially the love letter from God. All of the exercises are great, but the love letter opened my eyes to another level of drawing close to God…

[Prophecy] can be a misguided area in peoples lives, but the author captured the meaning and the way we should view prophetic events… needed in these times.

I’m very impressed with her ability to write concisely, and she introduced unique and creative tools to help us in hearing God.

This workbook well deserves recognition.

—Pastor Anthony M. Robinson, Sr., Shiloh Baptist Church, Massillon, Ohio

This study was the catalyst of a beautiful season of intimacy with Jesus as I learned to hear Him for myself and for others.

—Josie Bixler, web designer, Louisville, Ohio

Many of us long to hear God’s voice more clearly. In Listening Prayer, Maureen provides a Bible-based, practical tool for engaging in a two-way conversation with God in prayer. Participants are guided to discover and apply truths and principles of listening and discerning God’s voice. Maureen has included guidelines to activities, personal testimonies, tips for group leaders, and questions for discussion, all nurtured in her own experience in listening to God and leading others to do the same. You will learn to hear from God for yourself and for others in this valuable handbook.

—Diane Omondi, missionary, pastor, and leader, DOVE Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

Through this scripture-laden study, I found that listening to the voice of God is delightful and enriching. I also found myself drawn closer spiritually to other participants as we worked through this study.

—Steve Robinson, CEO, Homeless Outreach Team, Canton, Ohio

This study book helped me realize how much we can actually hear from God. It helped me to take a step back and listen.

—Ellie Wilson, high school student, Greentown, Ohio