Talks & Publications

Selected talks and publications in mathematics, science, and education are listed below by category.

Refereed Journal Articles:

A high order time splitting method based on integral deferred correction for semi-Lagrangian Vlasov simulations. A. Christlieb, W. Guo, M. Morton, and J.-M. Qiu. J. Comp. Phys., v 267, pp 7-27, 2014

Semi-implicit integral deferred correction constructed with additive Runge-Kutta methods. A. Christlieb, M. Morton, B. Ong, and J.-M. Qiu. Commun. Math. Sci., v 9(3), pp 879-902, 2011

Seed priming of winter annual cover crops improves germination and emergence. S. Snapp, R. Price, and M. Morton. Agronomy Journal, v 100, pp 1506-1510, 2008

Technical Reports:

Probabilistic risk assessment of airborne laser operations. J. Inman, I. Miller, M. Morton. NASA contract report, pp 1-102, May 13, 2020

Probabilistic risk assessment of spaceborne laser operations. J. Inman, I. Miller, and M. Morton. NASA contract report, pp 1-105, May 13, 2020

Probabilistic/Reliability software tool for ceramic matrix composite/environmental barrier coating interface modeling. M. Morton and V. Nagpal. NASA contract report, pp 1-56, February 2020

Analysis of biological interaction networks for drug discovery. A. Baker, M. Jung, C. Lee, I. Maslova, M. Morton, J. Wang. CRSC Technical Report: CRSC-TR06-23, pp 119-157. Industrial Mathematical & Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students, Center for Research in Scientific Computation, Raleigh, NC, 2006

Invited Talks

Delivering easy to install Python applications with Pyinstaller. Canton Python Meetup, Canton, OH, June 2020

Integral Deferred Correction methods for multi-scale and nonlinear problems. Case Western Reserve University: Applied Mathematics Seminar, Cleveland, OH, April 2019

High order split Integral Deferred Correction methods for Vlasov equations. SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2010

Integral Deferred Correction methods for multi-scale problems. Colorado School of Mines: Mathematical and Computer Sciences Colloquium, Golden, CO, October 2009

Contributed Talks

Developments in Modeling Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing of Porous Composites for Aerospace Applications. ASNT Research Symposium, Columbus, OH, June 2023

Humor in the mathematics classroom. Stark State Faculty & Staff Retreat, Perrysville, OH, April 2016

Higher order split Integral Deferred Correction methods for partial differential equations. AMS Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Francisco, CA, 2010

Arbitrary order semi-implicit methods and extension to asymptotic preserving framework. Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics: Culminating Workshop, Lake Arrowhead, CA, June 2009

Efficient higher order semi-implicit time integration with Integral Deferred Correction and additive Runge-Kutta. SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Miami, FL, 2009

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